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My name is Phong, and I am an international student. This is my first and last quarter at UW Tacoma. My major is international business. I already received my AA in business at Highline College. Therefore, I am on my way to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I do not have a lot of experience in computer and technologies, but I am always interested in taking a class that related to information technology major. Moreover, I want to learn about the internet, social network and how people operate it. I had to admit that technologies change the way we work, interact and communicate not only in business but also in our daily life. For example, I worked as an accounting tutor at Highline College and, Excel is an application that makes the accounting job easier and more accurate. Moreover, I want to see how the internet starts and develop to a complicated network. Here are some topics that I hope to learn in this class: How companies manage and protect digital data? How technology can influence and change our world in the near future? How smart can Robotics and AI become? How did the internet start? When did people What do viruses, trojans, and other malware do? How far will the internet and computer revolutionize education in the future? I hope to gain a better understanding and knowledge in this field. In addition. Finally, I want to make more friends and learn useful information from this class that I can use in my future career.


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